National College of Education

National College of Education (NCE) faculty and candidates use scholarly habits of mind and methods of inquiry in order to affect pre-kindergarten through 12th grade student learning by:

  • Envisioning, articulating and modeling democratic and progressive education
  • Designing powerful learning environments that:
    • Integrate appropriate technologies
    • Utilize multiple meaningful assessments
    • Enable self-directed learning
  • Working collaboratively in diverse communities and with diverse learners to achieve learning goals
  • Advocating for democratic values, equity, access and resources to assure educational success for all

NCE Faculty and candidates continuously demonstrate a high standard of professional ethics by:

  • Cultivating curiosity and excitement for learning in themselves and others
  • Respecting and learning from other peoples, cultures and points of view
  • Demonstrating a caring attitude in recognizing the needs of others and acting to promote their growth
  • Acting with confidence and self-knowledge to assume professional leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Using information from self and others to continuously improve