LAP 589 Capstone in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

This capstone course provides students with an opportunity to integrate concepts learned in the Industrial and Organizational Psychology program through a structured, faculty-led experience. Students engage in a review of major topics covered in the program and identify and explore scientist-practitioner opportunities for their future in professional practice and research. Using a case study methodology, from the perspective of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology scientist-practitioner, students identify a business complete a supporting literature review, assess the situation, and propose in a consultative format, their recommended solution(s). The course is structured so that students demonstrate achievement of all program learning outcomes. Pre-requisite(s): LAP 516, LAP 517, LAP 526, LAP 528, LAP 532, LAP 533, HRM 520, HRM 521, OBD 515 and OBD 533; or permission of Program Chair or designate. Co-requisite(s): None. 3 semester hours