Early Childhood Administration, M.Ed.

This online-only program is designed for current and aspiring leaders in the field of early childhood care and education. The curriculum provides students with a review and higher level understanding of child development, early childhood curriculum, discipline and guidance, family systems, assessment, social and cultural diversity and professional ethics. It also covers staff management and human relations, educational programming, legal and fiscal management, marketing and public relations, facilities management, technology and leadership and advocacy.

Students admitted into this program will have the opportunity to work toward attainment of the Illinois Director Credential (Level III Credential) while fulfilling the requirements for their graduate degree. Visit the Illinois Professional Development System for more details.

Concurrent work in an early childhood setting is strongly encouraged for all enrolled students.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

PLO1. Understands the contextual nature of learning

PLO2. Constructs their own knowledge

PLO3. Integrates theory and practice

PLO4. Assess, reflects upon, and critiques their own knowledge, practice, schools and society

PLO5. Engages in inquiry

PLO6. Collaborates with students, teachers, administrators, parents and the community at large

PLO7. Advocates for young children and their families

Program Details:

  • Requires 34 SH for completion 

Required Courses

M.Ed. Core - 9 SH

ECE 504Human Development: Infancy and Childhood


ECE 523Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Early Childhood Education


ESR 505Educational Inquiry and Assessment


Program Requirements - 25 SH

ECE 510Child, Family and Community


ECE 512Early Childhood Curriculum


ECE 515Financial and Legal Aspects of Early Child Care Management


ECE 521Writing and Effective Communication for Early Childhood Education Administrators


ECE 525Strategies for Supervision and Staff Development

.5 TO 3

ECE 538The Early Childhood Administrator: Individual and Organizational Perspectives


ECE 540Grant Writing and Fundraising for Early Childhood Programs


ECE 542Public Relations and Marketing of Early Childhood Programs


ECE 544Early Childhood Environments: Design and Facilities Management


ECE 582IWorkshop/Administration/Leadership Connections


EPS 526Organizational Theory, Group Dynamics and Leadership Applications

.5 TO 3

Notes: ECE 525 and EPS 526 must be taken for 3 semester hours. ECE 582I must be taken for 2 semester hours.