Library Information Specialist Endorsement

NLU courses meet the Illinois standards for the Library Information Specialist K–12 Endorsement. Earning the endorsement calls for both coursework and fulfilling additional requirements. Candidates are referred to the website of the Illinois State Board of Education for specific requirements, updates and amendments. Students are not required to be admitted to NLU if earning the endorsement independently of any degree program or certificate.


  • 24 SH of content coursework (see the tables below for specific courses)
  • A minimum grade of “C” in all coursework

Additional requirements:

  • Candidates must have valid and active Illinois Professional Educator License 
  • Candidates must pass Content Test 175
  • Candidates must have two middle school courses or must show a middle school endorsement on their Professional Educator License
  • Note: Candidates are eligible for federal financial aid only for courses used for a degree in which the candidate is simultaneously enrolled.

Recommended School Library Information Specialist (LIS) Courses

RLS 510Introduction to School Libraries


RLS 511School Library Collection Development


RLS 512School Library Administration and Advocacy


RLS 513Organizational Knowledge of Library Materials


RLS 514Teaching Research to Children and Adolescents


RLS 591Supervised Experience in School Libraries

.5 TO 1

Note: RLS 591 can be taken for a total of 2 SH.

Recommended Courses from the Language and Literacy Education Program

RLL 520Survey of Literature for Children and Adolescents

2 TO 3

RLL 528Diverse Perspectives in Youth Literature, PreK-12


RLL 522Adolescent Literature

2 TO 3

RLL 523Storytelling


RLL 595Special Topics/Language Arts

1 TO 6

Recommended Courses from the Technology in Education Program

TIE 533Technology Based Analysis and Databased Decision Making


TIE 535Designing Active Learning Environments with Innovative Technologies

1 TO 3


TIE 536Integrating Technology across the Curriculum



TIE 542Designing Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning


TIE 553Computer Images and Videos as Classroom Resources


TIE 585Workshop/Technology in Education/Instructional Practices


Note: The total minimum semester hours leading to the Library Information Specialist Endorsement is 24 SH.