Reading, M.Ed. (Reading Specialist)

This program is designed for teachers already holding a Professional Educator License who are interested in developing their literacy teaching or in applying to be Reading Specialists. The reading sequence fulfills the state of Illinois guidelines for the Reading Specialist Endorsement. Visit the Illinois State Board of Education for specific requirements, updates and amendments.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

PLO1. Have a strong knowledge base in literacy teaching and learning and the inquiry and reflection tools to continue to update that knowledge.

PLO2. Have a strong practice base in literacy teaching and learning and the inquiry and reflection tools to continue to update their practice

PLO3. Create literate environments for diverse students that positively affect student learning

PLO4. Can support teachers and paraprofessionals in such a way that this support positively affects student learning

PLO5. Can use technology appropriate to their roles

PLO6. Understand the role of formative and summative assessment as it is used to positively affect student learning

PLO7. Exhibit dispositions of reflective practice, ethical and professional behavior, ability to use self- and other-critique for learning, appreciation for diversity, advocacy and collegiality.

In addition to National College of Education Graduate Admissions Requirements, applicants must:

  • Have a valid Professional Educator License

Program Details:

  • Requires 34 SH for completion
  • Students who receive more than one "C" grade in any courses may not continue in the program
  • Requires a five-week summer practicum
  • Requires membership in professional literacy organization
  • Requires an electronic portfolio

Required Courses

MED Core - 5 SH

FND 511Social and Cultural Politics of Education: Personal and Contextual Perspectives


EPS 541Cognition and Instruction

1 TO 2

Note: EPS 541 must be taken for 2 semester hours.

Program - 28 SH

RLR 501Teaching Beginning Literacy


RLR 502Teaching Comprehension and Content Area Reading


RLW 541Teaching Writing

2 TO 3

RLL 520Survey of Youth Literature, PreK-12


RLR 510Diagnosis and Assessment of Literacy


RLR 511Instructional Strategies for Literacy Interventions


RLR 592APracticum: Literacy Interventions for Elementary Students


RLR 592BPracticum: Literacy Interventions for Secondary Students


RLR 518Leadership and Staff Development in Reading


RLR 593Seminar in Reading Research


Note: RLW 541 must be taken for 3 semester hours.

Reading Elective - 1 SH

Choose 1 SH of RLL, RLR, or RLW coursework with advisor approval. No workshops will be accepted.

Note: RLL 595 or RLR 595 will also be accepted.

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