Degrees Offered

Baccalaureate Degrees

Applied Behavioral Sciences, B.A.

Applied Communications, B.A.

Business Administration, B.A.

Criminal Justice, B.A.

Early Childhood Education, B.A.

Early Childhood Practice, B.A. 

Elementary Education, B.A.

Health Care Leadership, B.S.

Human Services, B.A.

Human Services/Psychology, B.A.

Management, B.S.

Management Information Systems, B.S.

Psychology, B.A.

Social Science, B.A.

Special Education, B.A.

Master's Degrees

Administration and Supervision, M.Ed. 

Applied Behavior Analysis, M.S.

Business Administration, M.B.A.

Counseling, M.S.

Curriculum and Instruction with Advanced Professional Specializations, M.Ed. 

Early Childhood Administration, M.Ed.

Early Childhood Education, M.A.T. 

Elementary Education, M.A.T.

General Special Education, M.Ed.

Health Services Administration, M.H.A.

Human Resource Management and Development, M.S.

Human Services Management, M.S.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology, M.S. 

Language and Literacy Education, M.Ed.

Learning Sciences Education, M.Ed.

Mathematics Education, M.Ed.

Middle Grades Education, M.A.T.

Psychology, M.A.

Public Administration, M.P.A.

Reading, M.Ed. 

Secondary Education, M.A.T.

Special Education, M.A.T.

Special Education, M.Ed.

Teacher Leadership, M.Ed.

Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, M.Ed.

Urban Teaching, M.Ed.

Written Communication, M.S.

Educational Specialist Degrees

Administration and Supervision, Ed.S.

Applied Behavior Analysis, Ed.S.

Curriculum and Instruction with Advanced Professional Specializations, Ed.S.

Higher Education Leadership, Ed.S.

Learning Sciences Education, Ed.S.

School Psychology, Ed.S. 

Teacher Leadership, Ed.S. 

Teaching and Learning, Ed.S.

Doctoral Degrees

Community Psychology, Ph.D.