Other Offerings

Foreign Language Workshops

In keeping with NLU's history of service to urban, immigrant and minority populations, the University offers workshops designed for community-based educators, tutors, literacy volunteers and high school English as a second language (ESL)/bilingual teachers and aides.

These workshops offer a solid grounding in current best thinking and practice in teaching English as a new language. The theories and principles of second language acquisition and the features of the English language are integrated with ESL teaching methodologies, assessment techniques and the use of music and movement to teach English as a new language to adults.

The Lifelong Learning Institute

The Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) at NLU offers a unique learning and social opportunity for retired adults age 55 and over. No grades, no exams—just exploring new subjects and exchanging opinions and ideas with contemporaries who consider learning an integral part of life. In this 300+ member peer-led program, members suggest the topics and coordinate the weekly two-hour classes. At each session, participants volunteer as leaders and, by asking thought-provoking questions, a lively discussion ensues. In addition to attending classes, members can dine together at the building’s on-site café, attend Lunch and Learn programs and participate in social events, trips and other activities.

Additional information about The Lifelong Learning Institute and the current schedule of classes can be found at www.nl.edu/lifelonglearning.

Library and Learning Support

The ability to find, critically evaluate and create digital information is essential in today’s world. Library and Learning Support leads NLU in teaching effective research strategies, digital literacy and the skills needed to succeed academically. The Library faculty teach courses and continuing education workshops.

For more information on Library and Learning Support, visit http://www.nl.edu/t4/studentservices/libraryandlearningsupport/.