Language and Literacy Education, Certificate of Advanced Study

This certificate is designed for students interested in studying, designing and implementing transformative approaches for language arts instruction in classrooms and libraries.

This degree requires:

  • 30 SH

Required Courses

CAS Core - 3 SH

EDL546Perspective and Administration of Policy

Reading Program - 13 SH

RLL520Survey of Literature for Children and Adolescents


RLL528Survey of Multicultural Literature K-12


RLL522Adolescent Literature


RLL533Language Development and Variation

RLL593Seminar in Language Arts/Literature/Library Education

RLR502Teaching Comprehension and Content Reading

RLS514Teaching Research to Children and Adolescents

RLW541Teaching Writing

Reading Electives - 14 SH

Choose 14 SH from RLL, RLR, RLS, or RLW graduate courses with advisor approval