Policy on Course Non-Attendance

This policy pertains to student non-attendance in registered courses. Students who do not attend any enrolled course during the first two weeks of the class and do not inform the instructor of an intention to join the course will be dropped from the class.

This drop will result in a change in enrollment status for the term as well as adjustments in any financial aid that had been previously awarded. Federal regulations require that a student establish attendance in a course in order to receive aid for it. Failure to attend courses for which a student is registered will result in financial aid revisions and may result in a balance due to the University.

Attendance is considered actively engaging in a course. In on campus courses this would be defined as attending the class in person. Online courses define attendance as either posting to a discussion board, submitting assignments, reading classmates postings, etc. Simply logging into the course without actively participating is considered non-attendance and will result in being dropped from the course.

Please note that students who wish to drop a class during the add/drop week should still follow University policy and contact Academic Advising to change their enrollment. Non-attendance is different from withdrawal. Please review the Withdrawal Policy for more details.

Note: Tardiness policies and how they affect attendance are based upon individual course policy and are located in the course syllabus.