Technology in Education, M.Ed.

Offered in both online-only and face-to-face formats, this program provides a strong foundation in educational philosophy and instructional design to prepare preK–12 teachers to effectively integrate and assess technology in their content areas. It is designed for candidates seeking the Technology Specialist endorsement. Visit the Illinois State Board of Education for specific requirements, updates and amendments.

In addition to National College of Education Graduate Admissions Requirements, applicants must:

Program Details:

  • Requires 34 SH for completion

Required Courses

MED Core - 8 SH

EPS541Cognition and Instruction

ESR505Educational Inquiry and Assessment

FND511Social and Cultural Politics of Education: Personal and Contextual Perspectives

Program Requirements - 23 SH

TIE532Applications of Technology in Schools

TIE533Technology Based Analysis and Databased Decision Making

TIE535Designing Active Learning Environments with Innovative Technologies

TIE542Designing Internet Resources for Teaching and Learning

TIE544Curriculum Applications of Multimedia Authoring

TIE575Leading Staff Development in Educational Technology

TIE512Students Using Technology for Inquiry Learning and Problem Solving

TIE592Portfolio Development Seminar

TIE593Seminar in Technology in Education

Program Electives - 3 SH

Choose 3 SH from the courses below:

TIE550Desktop Publishing for the Classroom

TIE583Workshop/Technology in Education/Contemporary Issues

TIE584Workshop/Technology in Education/Curriculum Materials

TIE585Workshop/Technology in Education/Instructional Practices

TIE594Independent Study/Technology in Education

TIE595Selected Topics/Technology in Education

SPE545Assistive Technology