Mathematics Education, M.Ed.

This program is designed to help preK–8 teachers develop professionally as classroom teachers of mathematics and become teacher-leaders in their schools and districts.

In addition to National College of Education Graduate Admission Requirements, applicants must:

  • Have a valid Professional Educator License
  • Submit official scores from the Miller Analogies Test (waived for applicants with a GPA of 3.0 or higher)

Program Details:

  • Requires 32 SH for completion
  • Requires a focus in either Elementary Math Specialist OR Middle School Math Specialist

Required Courses

MED Core - 8 SH

EPS541Cognition and Instruction

ESR505Educational Inquiry and Assessment

FND511Social and Cultural Politics of Education: Personal and Contextual Perspectives

Mathematics Program Requirements - 18 SH

MHE501Topics in Math for Teachers: Number Concepts & Operations in the Elementary & Middle School Math Cur

MHE502Topics in Mathematics for Teachers: Algebra

MHE510Topics in Mathematics for Teachers: Geometry

MHE523Perspectives on Exceptionality in Mathematics Learning

MHE550AEarly Intervention in Mathematics: Theory and Assessment

MHE593Seminar in Mathematics Education

Elementary Math Focus - 6 SH

MHE550BSeminar in Math Intervention Assessment and Teaching

MHE593Seminar in Mathematics Education

Middle School Math Focus - 6 SH

MHE485Advanced Methods for Teaching Middle School Mathematics

MHE512Topics in Mathematics for Teachers: Statistics and Probability