Disability and Equity in Education, Ed.D.

Social equity and justice require action and social action requires leaders who are critically reflective, future-oriented thinkers willing to take risks and accept responsibilities for enacting the vision of a just society. The heart of the Disability and Equity in Education doctoral program is a commitment to working actively and strategically toward social justice and equity in schools, communities, policy, politics and practice.

This program is designed for those interested in exploring the historical, political, social, cultural, pedagogical and philosophical values, beliefs and processes that have constructed disability in education. The Disability and Equity in Education program prepares educators for roles in higher education, teacher education, research, community leadership or public policy analysis.

In addition to National College of Education Doctoral Admissions Requirements, applicants must:

  • Present a portfolio
  • Respond to essay questions
  • Demonstrate strong evidence of leadership in an educational field

Program Details:

  • Requires 57 SH for completion
  • Requires comprehensive examination
  • Requires a dissertation

Required Courses

Doctoral Core - 6 SH

CCD 610ADoctoral Core I


CCD 610BDoctoral Core II


Research and Dissertation - 21 SH

ESR 604Dissertation Proposal Seminar


ESR 610Paradigms of Research


ESR 612Empirical/Analytic Research I


ESR 614Interpretive and Critical Research I


ESR 616Empirical/Analytic Research II



ESR 618Interpretive and Critical Research II


CCD 699EDissertation: Disability and Equity in Education

1 TO 8

Note: CCD 699E must be taken for a total of 8 semester hours.

Disability and Equity in Education Core - 21 SH

DEE 601Traditions, Assumptions and Paradigms


DEE 602Policy and Critical Policy Analysis


DEE 603Activism and Inclusion in Democratic Education


DEE 604Politics of Assessment


DEE 605History of Disability in Education


DEE 693Disability Studies in Education Seminar


DEE 690Seminar: Special Topics in Disability and Equity in Education


Disability and Equity in Education Electives - 9 SH

Choose 9 SH of elective courses with CSI, RLR, RLL, RLW, RLD, EDL, EPD, EPS, TIECCD or SPE prefixes

Note: Other electives are acceptable, as approved by the doctoral advisor.

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination is taken after completion of the doctoral, research and program core classes (with the exception of the last research course). Students must pass the comprehensive examination prior to formal work on the dissertation and advancement to candidacy for the Ed.D. degree.