Criminal Justice, B.A.

NLU’s Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree is designed for those wishing to enter the field of criminal justice or advance within it. The program, along with the fulfillment of additional federal, state, county or municipal requirements, prepares graduates to serve in law enforcement, courts or corrections systems, or to work in related private industries. The coursework offers a thorough overview of criminal justice and allows students to select a major in either criminal justice administration or forensic social justice. The program is conveniently offered in both online only and face-to-face formats.

Program Details:

  • Requires 180 QH, including 60 QH of General Education, for completion 
  • Requires a minimum grade of “C” in Core and major courses
  • Credit by examination, portfolio and proficiency are accepted for general education and elective credit 
  • Requires ECT – English Competency Test OR completing LAE 101 and LAE 102 at NLU with a grade of “C” or better
  • Students must select a major in either Criminal Justice Administration OR Forensic Social Justice

Required Courses


LAE101English Composition I


LAE120Essentials of Composition

LAE102English Composition II

LAE125Fundamentals of Research Writing

LAT210Effective Speaking

Note: An additional Humanities course may be substituted for LAT 210.


LAH120Logic and Effective Thinking

Note: Other Humanities courses may be accepted.

Fine Arts

One Fine Arts course

Quantitative Reasoning

LAM115Quantitative Methods in Criminal Justice

Note: Other college-level Mathematics courses may be accepted.

Physical and Life Sciences

CSJ235Introduction to Forensic Science

Note: Other college-level Science courses may be accepted.

Social Sciences

LAS120Introduction to American Politics


Two additional Social Science courses

Behavioral Science

LAP100General Psychology

LAP315Lifespan Development

Note: Other Psychology courses may be accepted in lieu of LAP 315.

Core Courses

CSJ106Law Enforcement

CSJ107Criminal Justice System


CSJ206Criminal Law and Procedure

CSJ207Punishment, Prisons and Corrections

CSJ208Courts and Criminal Justice

CSJ209Constitutional Law and Criminal Justice

CSJ215Juvenile Justice Systems

CSJ352Research Methods in Criminal Justice

CSJ353Criminal Investigations

CSJ354Sociology of Deviant Behavior for Criminal Justice Professionals

CSJ355Ethics, Diversity, and Professionalism in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Administration Major

Choose 30 QH from the courses below or other criminal justice related courses under advisement:

CSJ210Community Policing

CSJ211Police Organization

CSJ356Criminal Justice Administration

CSJ357Probation and Parole

CSJ465Human Resources Development in Criminal Justice

CSJ466Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Forensic Social Justice Major

Choose 30 QH from the courses below or other courses under advisement:

HSC202Theory and Techniques of Crisis Intervention

HSM406Human Services and the Law

HSM407Violence and Aggression in the Family

HSM417Child Abuse

LAP306Theories of Personality

LAP307Abnormal Psychology

Electives - 30 QH

Choose 30 QH of elective courses