Psychology, M.A.

This program is appropriate for those who are interested in teaching at the community college level, working at social service agencies, hospitals, law enforcement agencies or non-profits as a well as a variety of other career options in developmental, organizational or health psychology. The program will also provide a solid foundation for later doctoral study.

In addition to the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Admissions Requirements, applicants must:

  • Submit official scores for the Criterion Online Writing Evaluation

Program Details:

  • Requires 36 SH for completion
  • Requires Comprehensive Exam OR Thesis with approval of graduate advisor

Required Courses

Core Courses - 15 SH

LAP501Introduction to Psychological Assessment

LAP505Advanced Abnormal Psychology

LAP506Advanced Human Development

LAP509Advanced Social Psychology

LAP510Advanced Personality Theory

Specialization Courses Development - 13 SH

LAP507Theories of Cognitive Psychology

LAP520Biological Bases of Behavior

LAP526Psychology of Organizational Leadership

LAP549Psychology in the Community

LAP552Career Development for Psychology Students

Required Research Courses - 5 SH

LAP516Research Design for Psychology

LAP517Psychological Statistics and Design and Analysis

Required Capstone Course - 3 SH

LAP598Comprehensive Exam Seminar