Community Psychology, Ph.D.

This program aims to develop students’ skills in working with communities. Students who enter this program are interested in working within a community setting to address social problems like teen pregnancy, child abuse, substance abuse and crime. The program is designed to offer the methodological training necessary to adhere to quality research standards balanced with the development of strong facilitator skills.

Graduates may find employment in traditional academic settings as well as in social service agencies, governmental agencies, research centers or non-profit agencies.

In addition to the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Admission Requirements, applicants must:

  • Submit official transcripts showing completion of a master’s degree in psychology or related field. Completion of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution must be verified.
  • Submit GRE Verbal and Quantitative scores
  • Submit three professional letters of recommendation
  • Submit a personal statement describing the applicant’s expectations of the program and core beliefs regarding the role of community psychologists
  • Submit a written statement reflecting the applicant's research interest (800 words)
  • Have completed a master’s thesis. Applicants without a master’s thesis will be considered for admission but are required to complete a thesis or thesis equivalent.
  • Sit for a faculty interview

Program Details:

  • Requires 69–72 SH for completion
  • Requires an internship
  • Requires a thesis (if not previously completed at master’s level)
  • Requires a dissertation

Required Courses

LAP600Introductory Seminar on Community Psychology

LAP605Principles of Community Psychology

LAP610Prevention and Intervention Methods in Community Psychology

LAP615Community Organizing

LAP625Advanced Quantitative Methodology in Community Psychology

LAP630Advanced Qualitative Methodology in Community Psychology

LAP635Statistics for Community Psychology

LAP640Survey Design and SPSS

LAP645Media Advocacy and Social Marketing Approaches to Public Health

LAP650Principles of Consultation in the Community

LAP655Grant Writing for Community Psychologists

LAP660Professional Writing for Community Psychology

LAP661Professional Writing for Community Psychology II

LAP665Advanced Theoretical Foundations of Community Psychology

LAP670Advanced Cross Cultural Communication

LAP689Fieldwork in Community Psychology

LAP690Consultation in Community Psychology

LAP693Seminar in Program Evaluation

LAP698Dissertation Proposal Seminar

LAS620Advanced Community Development Planning and Policy

LAS660Advanced Leadership and Organizational Change

Note: Additionally, LAP 599 is required for any candidate who did not complete a thesis as part of his or her master’s degree.