Teacher Leader of Reading Endorsement

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) created the Teacher Leader Endorsement for certified teachers who provide professional development and function in leadership roles such as coaching in their schools, but are not school administrators and are not seeking Type 75 license.

The Teacher Leader in Reading strand of courses offers students 18 SH of content which may lead to a Teacher Leader of Reading K–12 Endorsement through entitlement. Earning the endorsement calls for both coursework and fulfilling additional requirements.

Students are not required to be admitted to NLU if earning the endorsement independently from any degree program or certificate.

In addition to National College of Education Graduate Admission Requirements, applicants must:

  • Have valid and active educator credentials (Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Secondary, or Special Type)
  • Submit letter(s) signed by the chief administrator(s) or other designated officials of the employing school districts or nonpublic schools documenting that the candidate has no fewer than four semesters or experience as a “proven teacher leader” as designated by the Illinois Administrative Code 25.30(d)
  • Have a master’s degree in Reading, Curriculum and Instruction, Literacy, Language Arts or Education


  • 18 SH per the tables below
  • Only 3 SH used toward the candidate's first master’s degree can be used toward the endorsement
  • A grade of “C” or better in all coursework

Additional requirements:

  • Note: Candidates are eligible for federal financial aid only for courses used for a degree in which the candidate is simultaneously enrolled.

Content Knowledge - 5-6 SH

Choose at least 5 SH from the courses below:

RLL563Reading Recovery: Models and Theories of Literacy Development

RLL562Reading Recovery: Research on the Acquisition of Literacy

RLL559Comprehensive Literacy Model for School Improvement

EDL528Maintaining Accountability with Date Use and Program Evaluation

Content Pedagogy - 4-6 SH

Select one set of two courses:

RLL569Early Literacy Assessment


RLL568AReading and Writing Interventions Practicum I


RLL561AReading Recovery Practicum for Teacher Leaders Part I


RLL561BReading Recovery Practicum for Teacher Leaders Part II


RLR502Teaching Comprehension and Content Reading


RLR503Teaching Content Area and Advanced Reading


RLR505Reading and Language Arts Instruction of Linguistically Diverse Students


RLL533Language Development and Variation

Professional Development in Curriculum Design - 4-5 SH

Choose at least 4 SH of the courses below:

RLL566AReading Recovery: Seminar in Teacher Leadership

RLL566BReading Recovery: Seminar in Teacher Leadership

RLL570Literacy Coaching School Improvement

RLR518Leadership and Professional Development in Reading

RLR590Internship/Reading Specialist

RLW551Writing Across the Curriculum

RLL520Survey of Literature for Children and Adolescents

RLL528Survey of Multicultural Literature K-12

Curriculum Implementation - 4-5 SH

Choose a minimum of 4 SH of the courses below:

RLL566CReading Recovery: Seminar in Teacher Leadership

RLL568BReading and Writing Interventions Practicum II

RLL561CReading Recovery Practicum for Teacher Leaders Part III

RLL565Intervention Designs for Struggling Readers and Writers

EDL527Guaranteeing a Differentiated and Coherent Curriculum

The Literacy Coach Leader and Reading Recovery Teacher Leader coursework is open only through special district-based arrangement and formal application to the director of the Reading Recovery Center for Literacy. A limited number of courses can be used toward degrees in Reading or Language and Literacy at NLU.