Early Childhood Practicing Professional Certification

Experienced early childhood teachers who have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution but have no teaching certificate may earn certification in early childhood education through this standards-based sequence.

Eligible candidates begin by completing ECE 567 which includes the development of a college-approved electronic portfolio as an assessment of the extent to which they have met the state standards for early childhood certification. A faculty team reviews the portfolio and determines additional requirements for the certificate. Candidates then meet with an advisor from Early Childhood to plan a personalized program.

At the conclusion of this personalized program, candidates complete a practicum experience, ECE 568, with a required minimum of 3 SH and a maximum as 6 SH. Hours are determined by a faculty advisor, taking into account candidates’ previous experience and state standards. At the conclusion of the practicum, candidates may apply for state certification.

In addition to National College of Education Graduate Admission Requirements, applicants must:

  • Submit official scores from the Miller Analogies Test (waived if applicant has a master’s degree)
  • Pass the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)
  • Have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution in early childhood education or a closely-related field
  • Have a minimum of three academic years of successful experience as a lead teacher, assistant teacher or program administrator (e.g. program director, owner or education coordinator) serving children aged birth to eight within the five years prior to enrollment in ECPP, verified in writing through a required resume
  • Undergo faculty review
  • Participate in an interview with the Early Childhood Education faculty
  • Note: Candidates may be eligible for financial aid. Contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

Required Courses

ECE567Portfolio Development for Practicing Professionals

ECE568Practicum for Practicing Professionals

Additional courses required to complete certification standards are determined in collaboration with an advisor.