Administration and Supervision, Ed.S. (Type 75 Certification)

This program is designed to prepare fully certified and experienced teachers for educational administration and supervision.

In Illinois, this sequence of courses qualifies the student for the State of Illinois General Administrative Certificate (Type 75), which is required for the position of assistant principal or principal, assistant or associate superintendent and similar positions. Students must pass the #186 Type 75 General Administrative Content Test to earn the certificate. For more details visit the  Illinois State Board of Education.

In Wisconsin, this sequence of courses qualifies the student for the endorsement of the Type 51 license (K–12 Principalship) and the endorsement of the Type 10 license (Director of Instruction). By taking one additional course (SPE 561 Supervision of Programs for Exceptional Children and Adolescents) the student also qualifies for the endorsement of the Type 80 license (Director of Pupil Services/Special Education). For more details, visit the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

In Florida, graduates of the program may receive a transcript endorsement indicating the completion of a state approved program in Educational Leadership. For more details, visit the Florida Department of Education.

While the Educational Leadership programs are the same in all locations, certification processes, criteria and license titles vary by state. The Educational Leadership department chair and the local program coordinators advise students about specific certification requirements and processes in each state.  

In addition to National College of Education Graduate Admission Requirements, this program requires:

  • A copy of the applicant’s teaching certificate
  • Basic skills test as required by the state in which the applicant is seeking certification (TAP in Illinois)
  • Official scores from the Miller Analogies Test
  • Faculty review
  • Evidence of two years’ full-time teaching or school service personnel experience in public schools, schools under the supervision of the Department of Corrections, schools under the administration of the Department of Human Services, or nonpublic schools recognized by the State Board of Education or meeting comparable out-of-state recognition standards (Section 21- 7.1(e)(2) of the School Code).
  • One letter of recommendation from an educational leader (signed and sealed by the writer) who can testify on behalf of the applicant’s commitment to and aspiration to serve as a school leader
  • A written statement of leadership experience and aspirations: Briefly describe your most significant experience as a leader (formally or informally) and elaborate on how this experience inspired you to pursue formal school leadership certification. Also describe what you hope to accomplish after you earn this certification. What sort of leadership mark do you want to make on a school?
  • A written statement of social justice, diversity, and equity: Briefly describe a social issue about which you feel deeply committed or passionate. How have you been actively involved with this issue?
  • A written statement of instruction: Briefly describe a significant instructional learning experience you have had in the past year. What data or information drove that learning experience? How did you change? What impact did that change have on students?

This degree requires:

  • 30 SH
  • An internship

Required Courses

EDL520Leading Diverse Schools

EDL521Building School Community Leadership

EDL522Leading Student-Centered Schools

EDL523Navigating School and Special Education Law

EDL524Negotiating and Resolving Conflicts in Education Communities

EDL525Decision-Making for Educational Systems and Organizations

EDL526Realizing Vision through Technical and Human and Financial Resources

EDL527Guaranteeing a Differentiated and Coherent Curriculum

EDL528Maintaining Accountability with Date Use and Program Evaluation

EDL529Improving Instruction through Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development

EDL570Internship Seminar I: Organizing Leadership Competency Demonstrations

EDL571Internship Seminar II: Resume Building and Professional Writing for Educational Leaders

EDL572Internship Seminar III: Demonstrating School Leadership Competence

EDL598Administration and Supervision Internship