Teaching and Learning in Community Colleges, Post-Master Certificate

This certificate offers grounding in adult education theory that educators of adults can apply directly to their work. It provides additional credibility to those who seek enhanced skills and mobility within the field of adult education.

In addition to the College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Admission Requirements, applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • If the undergraduate junior/senior or graduate GPA falls below 3.0 a letter of explanation regarding mitigating circumstances must be included in the application
  • A critical, written response to a text in adult and continuing education provided by admissions
  • An interview with faculty
  • One letter of recommendation from an appropriate supervisor at the community college in which the applicant is employed. The letter must confirm the subject matter the applicant is teaching. The supervisor may be one of the persons on the required list of three academic or professional references.

This certificate requires:

  • 13 SH

Required Courses

ACL503Adult Learning and Development

ACL505Introduction to Teaching in a College Setting

ACL510Instructional Design and Delivery

ACL516Program Planning

ACL532Technology for Higher Education